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Information About Pirate Management
When You Call - Sam Bailey
I Don't Give A - Sam Bailey
Footie - The Lads
Urban Flavas
Don't Stop - The Jazz Years
Easy Jazz Easy Listening
No Ordinary World
 1 track
Chart Hits
Baby Doll
One Last Kiss
Eastern Promise - Single
Precious - Single - Kink Music
Thank You
Can't Say No
Yes No Maybe Baby - Sam Bailey
Play With Me
You and I - Caroline W
If Only You Knew - Single - Sam Bailey
No and Forever - Simon Chapman
Match Made In Heaven - Simon Chapman
I'll Shelter You - Single - Tony Carnagie
By The Way - Single - Danny Davies
Still In My Life - Liz Chapman - Single - DeWolfe Music
Hip Hop & Dance Tracks - DeWolfe Music
Pop Tracks
Hey Producer! - Various Artists - Danny Davies
Someone Alone
You - Liz Chapman - Single
Hip Hop Flavas
Pop Tracks
You - Liz Chapman - Single
Pop Tracks
You - Liz Chapman - Single
Pop Tracks
You - Liz Chapman - Single